PADI Divemaster

Live from diving and work around the world

A new lifestyle!
The PADI Divemaster course is your gateway to diving for a living. Have you ever imagined working in the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, the Galapagos or even in Fernando de Noronha? The possibilities are endless, you just have to want and dedicate yourself to this lifestyle.

During the course, you will have many dives, and together with the instructor you will expand your knowledge about diving and perfect your skills until you reach the professional level.

Upon completion of the course, you will be prepared to guide accredited divers and assist diving instructors with students in training.

How does the course work?

Deepen your knowledge and stand out!

1°- Improve your knowledge

As a diving professional, it is essential that you develop your theoretical knowledge, going through an in-depth look at diving theory, physiology, decompression table and equipment.

All teaching material will be at your disposal provision for independent study, through the PADI online system.

Do you have any questions about the theory? Rest assured, our instructors will be available to answer your questions at all times.

Practice is your best ally!

2°- Develop new skills

Each new dive is a new experience and in PADI Divemaster training one of the things you will do most is dive.

You will participate in the supervision of courses, such as the PADI Open Water Diver course (OWD), you will guide accredited divers and also participate behind the scenes of the dive, learning how most Dive Centers work

During the training, you will undergo an assessment of resistance and skills in open water and confined waters.

The instructors will be attentive to your performance, providing guidance on how to develop your skills.

There will be new challenges that will enrich your training and help you become an excellent scuba diving professional.

Credenciado Água Viva
Have a different lifestyle!

3°- Work around the world

Now that you've had diverse experiences and earned your international certificate, it's time for you to enjoy a life full of adventures, getting to know and working in the most beautiful places in the world.

You're ready to work in local and international diving centers, on diving vessels with accommodation, yachts and resorts in exotic regions.

Assist diving instructors during training, guide accredited divers, teach freediving classes, among others other possibilities.

The paths open to you to become an instructor in the future!

Why dive with us?

Equipe qualificada

More than a Training

Over the 10 years of our existence, we have perfected our teaching method, we are not only concerned with certifying divers, but with training professionals prepared to work in any Dive Center around the world.

Today, we have several former students working in diving, spread across various corners of Brazil, such as Fernando de Noronha and around the world.

Equipment and Materials Included

All diving equipment is included during training. Each piece of equipment is selected and prepared, in addition to being previously sanitized.

You will receive the equipment and it will not be shared with anyone else.

The teaching material is available through the PADI online portal.
Somos PADI

We are 

It is the largest and most recognized certifier in the world for recreational scuba diving, present in 186 countries and territories.

As a diving professional, you will have access to the PADI Pro website, which has a job board updated daily, with various job opportunities around the world.

It's your chance to find the job of your dreams.

Guaranteed Adventure

The training will be conducted on Ilha do Arvoredo, considered the best diving site in the South of Brazil.

You will also have the opportunity to socialize with our team and divers, which is an excellent opportunity to develop contacts.

We are a family and we want you to be successful in your career.

What customers say...

Based on 228 reviews.
Excellent experience
It has already started with the great welcome and guidance from Maicon. Super professional team, prepared for any incident; The materials they offer us are of good quality and in excellent condition. In my opinion, practicing in the pool was essential for safe diving and, above all, being able to count on the care and patience of instructor André made all the difference. And the experience ended perfectly, on the paradise island of Arvoredo. Congratulations Água Viva Mergulho/Florianópolis! Will I be back?❤️
Ana Carolina
Excellent diving course
I had an incredible experience on the diving course!
I had a lot of fun, learning, and diving with confidence. The entire team is wonderful, the instructors are calming and even the trip was very enjoyable!!
I highly recommend it!!!
Nay Ferreira
Wonderful experience
It was a unique and wonderful experience. The boat trip was incredible, the crew was super helpful and friendly, the divers (Ryan, Fábio, Fiuza...) are super careful, fun and attentive... The diving baptism was sensational, the marine life in the place is incredible and very beautiful. I will definitely do it more often, it was wonderful.
Flávio Henrique
Great experience!
The experience was fantastic! If I were starting my career, it would definitely be my choice. The entire crew is to be congratulated for their commitment and dedication, but the photographer diver knows what he is doing very well! Don't forget to hire their services. PHOTOS ARE RECORDS FOR LIFE! There is no point trying to film or photograph with your own camera. It gets very bad. His camera and he are professionals. Worth every dollar! Congratulations to all of you! From the store staff, to the Captain. Congratulations on your professionalism, you know what you are doing!
Dener S
An incredible experience
I crossed 1/2 of Brazil to do this dive and it was worth every penny, super attentive crew, wonderful place, super peaceful dive. There was a moment when I felt seasick and the crew was super helpful, if you have the opportunity, choose the baptismal dive, it's a totally different experience, and MUCH BETTER, than just snorkeling. The location is perfect, the fish were everywhere, even on the stairs that lead to the boat, the divers (Ryan, Fabio, Davi, Fiiuza, I hope I haven't forgotten anyone's name) are VERY friendly, polite, happy and playful , I don't even know what else to write, it's an experience difficult to describe, just the boat trip to Ilha do Arvoredo is something unique. When the photos arrive I will update here.
Top diving
I am accredited, I had a great experience with the Água Viva group. I recommend Ilha do Arvoredo for diving.
Basic diving course
I took the open water diver course and had an excellent experience. The staff is very careful at all times and very competent, I loved it!
Wonderful, excellent staff
Scuba diving. The experience was wonderful, we went to the island of Arvoredo, even though the visibility wasn't the best (rough sea) we had the opportunity to see stingrays, turtles, seahorses, moray eels and dozens of fish and colorful corals, thanks in large part to the guide who he knows the place very well and gave us an unforgettable dive. I recommend.
Diego Morales
My official initiation into diving
I took the open water diver course, and I felt well educated. The practical classes cover much less content than the theoretical material, but by talking straight, the instructors provide training in different useful skills that you feel necessary.
Excellent organization and experience
Without a doubt one of the most organized operators I have ever dived with. Punctual, large and well-maintained boat. Experienced, attentive and friendly professionals provided a great experience.

PADI Divemaster

or R$ 6000 on credit card
All dives included (total of 20 dives)
Diving gear provided during the course
Complete Teaching Material (Bag, Folder, Encyclopedia, Divemaster Manual, Instructor's Manual, DVD and logbook)
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  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Possuir as seguintes certificações:
  • Have 40 dives recorded before the start of the course;
  • Have full capacity for physical activity and undergo a medical examination to undertake diving activities.

There is no need to form a class to start the course. You can do it whenever you want and at your own pace.


The duration of the course varies, depending on your study pace and the availability of diving.

Depending on the season of the year, it can be completed in up to 2 weeks.


It is not necessary, all diving gear is included during the training.

In the future, it is recommended that you purchase it, as many Dive Centers, when hiring, require their professionals to have their own gear.

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About school

Ilha do Arvoredo


Escola Água Viva

In the essence of every diver there is a very strong desire to preserve nature. Curiosity about the world beneath the waves and the animals that inhabit the depths has attracted many generations of divers and we have inherited the tradition of protecting the environment that we enjoy every time we dive.

Diving is our passion and teaching new people about this world is our life goal.

Água Viva Mergulho was founded in 2012 on these pillars. We believe that every diver has a duty to preserve nature and we strive to incorporate this mission into our diving operations, whether collecting fishing hooks, plastic bottles or organizing specific seabed cleaning expeditions.

For all our dedication to training conscious divers and promoting environmental conservation actions, we were honored by the Green Star Awards.

Ilha do Arvoredo

The Ilha do Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve is considered the best diving spot in southern Brazil, known for its marine diversity with various types of fish, turtles, seahorses and rays, as well as being on the migration route of humpback and Franca whales. The island is also an important archaeological site formed by burials characteristic of human occupation 4000 years ago.

The diving spots in Arvoredo differ in their characteristics, which can vary according to the formation of the bottom, minimum and maximum depths, most commonly found species, currents, or even specific characteristics, which provide a less conventional dive, such as a shipwreck, cave , etc.

The diving spots are all located in the southern portion of the island, the best known are: Ponta do Farol, Saco do Vidal, Saco do Farol, Baía do Engenho, Baía das Tartarugas, Saco do Batismo and Saco do Capim.


Our boat Água Viva VII was built in 2013, designed with specifications to best serve recreational diving.

Our boat is rated for open seas, with capacity for 4 crew and 46 passengers. The boat is also licensed for scientific research and adapted diving work.

It has ample sheltered space for passenger movement, which provides comfort and a beautiful view of the coast of Florianópolis and the mainland.

Specifications: 14.5 meters long; 5.40 meters wide; MWM X12 240 HP turbocharged engine; Average sailing speed 8 knots.

The boat has: Oxygen kit, first aid kit, VHF radio, GPS, Garmin probe, fresh water and bathroom.

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