Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving is the entry level experience to the underwater world, with the use of compressed air. This initial dive is under the supervision and nearly complete control of a certified diving instructor. If you have been curious about diving, but have doubts , with us You will discover that it is much easier than previously imagined. Your swimming ability need be only basic, and You must breath. You also must be of at least 10 years of age. That's it! This only is sufficient to explore a new world and watch animals that You have only seen before on Television!

Your dive begins at our headquarters at Jurere Beach, 7:15 am. This allows time for us to help You size your scuba gear before our 8am departure to Ilha do Arvoredo (Tree Island), a diving paradise of Southern Brasil. The 90 minute trip allows us plenty of time for theoretical training, the day's plan and of course any of your questions. Around 9:30 we will have chosen our dive site, drop anchor and begin our adventure! Your dive will be guided by a certified instructor whose focus is on You having a safe and exciting first experience, at a depth of 2 to 6 meters, for 30 minutes. Your exposure to this new environment wil be 1 on 1 with your instructor. We believe You will find diving to be a peaceful activity which only requires that you breath!

We offer underwater photo service, planned or decided in the moment. Our boat has fruits and mineral water for your refreshment. We will stay anchored until 12pm, departing after a free dive snorkeling tour, which is included. All necessary equipment is included. We'll have you back to Jurere beach by 2pm, with the entire afternoon to do as You please. See the tariff.

Book your adventure through email:, telephone: +55 (48) 3369-9003 or Whatsapp: +55 (48) 991648442.

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