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Hello . Be very welcome to Agua Viva Mergulho´s website. If you have not dive yet, you should probably be feeling a bit lost, after all there are so many courses , so many diving programs, that you must be wondering: where should I start? In fact there is not only a single way and to make the right choice will depend on such factors as the time you have available, the real interest you have for diving, the amount you are willing to invest in diving among other things. To help you to decide the best way, we have created a website for you to understand each option and feel more comfortable to make the right decision, getting into the recreational diving world with confident. You will find a very didactic description of each program, and important links to navigate in our site.



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Click on our virtual store and buy in a safe place. We work with the best brands!

Vip Trip

Differential trip with exclusive attention for exclusive groups.

Equipment Maintenace

Set a review of your diving equipments with qualified professionals in our maintenance office.

Handicapped SCUBA HSA

The Handicapped Scuba Association has dedicated itself to improving the physical and social well-being of people with disabilities through the sport of scuba diving.

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